btzojdnisomij1adu67xq_thumb_3f0Dear reader,

thanks for visiting my blog. I am in South Africa for the third time in three years.
However, so far I have spent my holidays here only and in 2017 it’s gonna be a combination of pro-bono work and holidays.
I support  Camphill Village West Coast, a dynamic community working with intellectually challenged adults, where they care about the environment and produce quality products in a natural farm setting (Camphill Village). Camphill Village was established in 1964 to provide a unique inclusive approach to life for intellectually challenged adults, offering them purpose and dignity.
James, the manager of Camphill, wants to develop the community to an even more efficient organization and I contribute my experience and knowledge from a mainly HR-perspective.
I’d like to share my professional and (some of my) personal experiences with you. So stay tuned in for the next eight weeks.

Warm regards


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