Welcome to South Africa

Matanzima welcoming me at the Airport

Matanzima gave me a warm reception at the International Airport of Cape Town. He greeted me with a big smile and gave me a ride to Camphill Village. It is an amazing feeling entering a foreign country and being welcomed by someone who makes you feel like being at home. It’s about an hours drive from the airport to Camphill. And you know what? Remember my first blog about “Ubuntu”? During our discussion Matanzima mentioned Ubuntu already. He referred to the period of Apartheid in South Africa when he went to neighboring countries which welcomed him. And he affirmed how important this concept is in African culture.
Arriving at Camphill we drove to a house which is called ‘Moya’. This will be my home for the weeks to come. And guess what?
Renate, aged 87, one of the founding members of Camphill lives in this house. She still is a very active member of Camphill Community and contributes a lot. Renate has the gift to involve everyone and makes everyone feel important in the community. It really is an honor for me to be her guest and learn from her.
Gregory completes our “Wohngemeinschaft”. I got introduced to a lot of people already and I have to keep record of the names which are a challenge for me.
Weekend is a quiet time here especially after the summer break. Some residents or staff are still on holiday and are returning next week. That gives me time to slow down, accustom my rhythm and reflect a bit. My favorite place is behind the house on a bench looking into the Blue Sky and the trees. You might not believe it but during the last days  I have read a biography on Cristiano Ronaldo which is a fantastic book with a lot of insights into the soccer business. By the way, I met a lady on the plane who used to live in the neighbourhood of Ronaldo on Madeira. But that is a different story ….

Trees sorrounding Moya
My favorite bench

There has been no decent rain coming down for almost two years and therefore the soil needs to be watered all the time. And water is on short supply. People are praying for rain.

I have been invited on Saturday and Sunday to different houses for lunch. This concept of having houses here for the residents which are considered as families is a cornerstone of the Camphill philosophy. I will describe the concept in more detail in one of the blogs to come.