A new start

How does it feel being back at home?  There are always two sides to a coin. It is nice connecting to your home environment with friends and relatives. However, as I felt deeply involved with the people at Camphill Village there is an inner voice telling me that I am missing out as well. The latest news from Camphill is that they had a very successful workshop on their mission and how to develop further. That makes me very happy!

Symbol for Strength Confidence and Persistence

I am about to start a new career and this visual is part of it. How can that be?
In a shop at Addo Elephant Park I found this African symbol which is pointing in all four directions to strength, endurance, capability and confidence. Later on I investigated more on African symbols and got an idea for the logo of my newly founded business. As of today I have my own consultancy: The HR Advisor

The HR Advisor-Logo-RGB

It has been an exciting time already preparing this new phase of my life and there is definitely more to come. The project at Camphill has strengthened me and I hope to contribute a lot in my new field of operation.

If you like to explore more about my future endeavors. Here you are:

The HR Advisor

I hope you have liked my adventures and insights from South Africa. I am sure I’ll be back to this exciting country and its wonderful people.

For the time being, all the best.





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