2017 – the year of deepening

Sometimes life feels like a series of coincidences. But it isn’t! At least not always. Why not? Sometimes different bits and pieces come together and they make sense. Here is my personal experience.

Ubuntu is a philosophy that considers the success of the group above that of the individual.

My “UBUNTU” time in South Africa is drawing to a close and I wondered how to finish off this time in the blog. Then I came across this headline: 2017 – the year of deepening. Where did I read this? In a newsletter from Camphill Village written by the Managing Director where he reflected on my work in Camphill:

“We started 2017 with a deep inward look at ourselves as an organisation. This process was facilitated by Udo Stauber, an HR and organisational development specialist from Germany, who donated a month of his time, and spent time with each member of staff, to gauge where we are as an organisation. This has created a platform from which we can now develop our internal process going forward. ….”

I immediately recognized parallels to my situation:

  1. 2017 started for me with a deep inward look at myself. My time in South Africa has contributed a lot to create my personal platform for the time to come. I had so many thrilling encounters with wonderful strong people and characters from different walks of life, from different cultures and countries which made me quite often aware in which comfortable situation I am. They reemphasized my strong belief that it is up to us to shape our life and to be responsible for what we are doing.
  2. I got deeper involved in topics which I had not been that closely confronted with before. Working and living with intellectually handicapped people is very rewarding and enriches ones life tremendously.

I know South Africa a bit better now. However, there is still a lot to discover for me and to learn.

As of 1 April I start my own consultancy in Germany and my first project seems to be the implementation of a Performance Management System.

My logo includes a symbol from South Africa. In my first blog on1 April I’m gonna explain the story behind the symbol. Stay tuned.

Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen

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