Peaceful market on a Sunday morning in Camphill

Sunday morning in Camphill Village. Every first Sunday morning in a month Camphill Village reaches out to attract as many visitors as possible for the market. Local products from the village farm, the bakery and cosmetics are offered. Additionally nearby artists and shops offer their goods.

Two days before the market the count down in the village starts and everyone is somehow involved in getting “things” done. Baking cakes, harvesting lettuce, packaging articles at the cosmetics. On top of that, the lights in the bakery are not switched  off from Saturday to Sunday. Max and his team are “rocking round the clock” to get as many delicious hand made bread loafs out of the oven as even possible.

Max proudly presenting his bread

A tractor is touring Camphill Village on the outer lap which is 3,2 km.


Kids, parents and grandparents besides other visitors are having fun with this tractor ride.

Janine the fundraiser in Camphill just sold 10 tickets for the upcoming music festival

That’s going to be the “hottest event” at Western Cape this summer. Don’t miss out!


At the market we had a first taste what live music can be like in Camphill Village


Tickets for “off the Grid”to win

What’s that????????


At 2 pm I went back to Uli’s place where I am staying with a fully packed rucksack containing a lot  of useful goods, but at least with a few “things” which could be questioned. I am giving away two tickets: Find out what this “thing” on the photo is for: Have a go! 
And tell you what: I spent the last hours of this wonderful Sunday at Melkboos Strand.

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