Impressions & visions

Today was the big day – Community Meeting.
What have I been doing here the last 2 1/2 weeks? I had the privilege to talk intensively to more than 35 people about Camphill.
It was about their hopes, homes, visions and some of them even unfolded parts of their lives. There were emotional moments in these conversations where I thought where does it lead to? However, these moments will stay with me for a long time. I still have to do some thinking!

Ballons above Camphill grounded in love
Ubuntu – Trust, Honesty

The idea from the very beginning was to have a Community Meeting as they call it here where I was expected to  present my perceptions. Presenting here doesn’t mean power point slides!!
I developed the idea to work with images: pictures, paintings, symbols etc.
Some of my conversation partners utilized metaphors and little stories which I took up.
“Lots of different balloons are flying above Camphill and we need to connect them or to create one big balloon”, was one  statement. I connected this metaphor with my feeling that every balloon was grounded in a big heart in the Camphill soil.
At the end I had five images which conveyed the messages I wanted to get across. I asked around for someone who was good at painting and drawing. Esme took on the task and the wonderful paintings are the result of her doings. Thank you very much Esme!
I put all the images up at the meeting hall and presented them to approx. 50 participants.

Community where the meeting took place

After the presentation the group was divided into 5 subgroups which discussed shortly my perceptions and than each dealt with a specific question. It was a wonderful picture seeing and hearing all these people discussing and arguing.

Different perspectives 

The results of these sub-groups were reported back in the plenary which created a nice atmosphere as well. They are not used to doing that regularly.

Woodworker with a blunt saw
Walking in someone else’s shoes

This meeting has been a good start for Camphill to further work on its way forward: knowing – better to say feeling – that there is a lot of common ground which helps to find the balance between the philosophy of Camphill and the current requirements.
The Managing Director wrapped up the meeting with a challenging task for everyone to think about.

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