Weapons or dolls? Boys or Girls?

Saturday evening, 21 January 2017, one day after the presidential inauguration in Washington and my father’s birthday. 8.30 pm at Bloubergstrand opposite Cape Town. I am  sitting in a nice and fully packed restaurant and have just ordered my dinner. I am looking around. I have somehow the feeling that my senses  have been sharpened after the week in Camphill.
What am I looking at? This machine. What does it say? Boys. Girl. Boys is plural, Girl is singular. Does that carry any meaning? Probably not. But that is not the strange thing.

Dolls or Weapons?

Some of you might remember these funny machines dating back to the last century where you never knew what you would get out. In this case there are some hints already. If you are a girl you throw your 5 Rands into the right hand slot and if you are a boy you do it otherwise. Is it weapon or dolls? Don’t know. But does that work? What do you think?

You can be assured, it doesn’t. A girl comes along, looks at the two sections of this machine, thinks a moment and puts her money into the boys’ slot.  I can’t see what she gets out because she hides it in her hand. But she didn’t do what she was expected to do!
Are you most of the time or always doing what you are expected to do?

Besides this little story I am having a wonderful weekend in Bloubergstrand. Firstly  it is a paradise for kite surfers who gather in hundreds here. It’s amazing what they do on the Atlantic Ocean.


The other highlight is  looking onto Cape Town and the Table Mountain. It is a special feeling. During daylight Table Mountain is the eye catcher on the horizon. And after 9 pm it is the silhouette  which is amazing. Fabulous. Enjoy the photos.

Table Mountain in the back during the day.
Wedding on the beach with Table Mountain in the far distance
Table Mountain at night from Bloubergstrand.

And I met Philip, my host at Bloubergstrand. He runs  – besides being engaged in other businesses – a B&B, only two rooms. If you ever go to Cape Town and would like to stay at Bloubergstrand, Richmondstreet 45 is the place to stay!

Two rooms facing the little pool

Philip is an amazing guy. We even touched Kant, Camus and other likes in our discussions. On the other hand he has his two legs firmly grounded into life. Philip if you happen to read this: Thanks very much for your hospitality.

Now I am back at Camphill and preparing next week. I wish you all a very good start.

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