Monk or Marathon?

After a few days being here I have developed some kind of a rhythm already. Should I really call it a rhythm?
It is no in the sense I would understand it being in Germany. Why? I awake at around 6.30 am and I can already see and feel the sun  shining. I get up and sit a bit in the garden enjoying the first streaks of the morning sun. Having greeted the new day I go for a little run in Camphill. It is an amazing feeling to be outside at this time, seeing the Table Mountain in the far distance and being at ease with oneself.
Then I have my cereals for breakfast and a mug of coffee which I drink – guess where – outside again, now becoming fully awake.
A similar procedure takes place in the evening. Supper is at around 6.30 pm and I go for a  run at about 7.45pm. A little bit later the sun sets. Temperature goes down. However, still warm enough to sit outside, what I do after having taken a shower.

My morning session

What do I miss? Nothing. Well ….
Almost nothing – I could do with a glass of wine. But I haven’t got any alcohol here.
Talking about people that is different: I do miss my wife.
Am I turning into some sort of a monk now or am I preparing myself for the next Olympic Games taking part in the marathon?  Neither … nor …
I probably won’t run twice a day over a longer period of time and I won’t restrain from drinking wine. However, I am on a discovery trip to my inner self which is very exciting.
There is a Germany saying “In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft”. If this is right I must have a lot of power now. This of course doesn’t refer to physical power but aims at doing the right things, at the right time with the appropriate pace and power.
More about what I am doing follows. Stay tuned.












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